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"United in Health"

Latinos today are disproportionally suffering from highest rates of infection within San Francisco (29% of cases vs 15% of demographic). The Latino Task Force for COVID-19 - a series of community groups within the Latino Cultural District of San Francisco has formed a partnership with UCSF Medical School to research and combat the disproportionate infection within the Latino community. The partnership is named Unidos en Salud. 

Since April 2020, I have been documenting the crucial role of community in the pandemic response within hard hit undocumented Latinx populations. Unidos En Salud volunteers have been out on the front lines supporting the city’s most vulnerable providing food, access to healthcare, and low barrier tests and vaccinations.


Unidos En Salud (United in Health) is a partnership between UCSF infectious disease researchers and the Latino Task Force applying the same pandemic response from the AIDS epidemic to COVID-19 - prioritizing equity through community outreach. Spanish speaking Unidos En Salud volunteers who knock on doors outreaching within their own community play the key role in access - providing COVID-19 information, registration to free low barrier testing, and community resources (healthcare, housing, employment..etc).

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