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"United in Health"

Latinos today are disproportionally suffering from highest rates of infection within San Francisco (29% of cases vs 15% of demographic). The Latino Task Force for COVID-19 - a series of community groups within the Latino Cultural District of San Francisco has formed a partnership with UCSF Medical School to research and combat the disproportionate infection within the Latino community. The partnership is named Unidos en Salud. 

As UCSF researchers hold the country's first mass testing study to understand viral spread within a one square mile radius of the Latino District, the Latino Taskforce engages the community with outreach, information, and resources. Residents tested positive are connected with community resources for food distribution, financial aid, and work opportunities.

As many Latinos have limited access to broadband for online information and hesitant to accept public resources, community outreach volunteers are essential to ensure an accurate representation of the Latinx community in the rapidly gentrifying city of San Francisco.

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